Friz @ W8

“The brief for the mural at W8 was very simple, they wanted a local wildflower included, the wild dog-rose and rosehip. The scale of the building was a joy to work with, as was the existing colour palette used for the site.

Working with the client I came up with a design that was sensitive to the existing windows and included a robin as an added feature. I created a simple grid to lay down the basic proportions and from there the entire piece was created using spray paint with the aid of a boom lift for access. The mural took four days to create.”  FRIZ

Marian Noone aka FRIZ is a Sligo born artist who works in both traditional and digital mediums. She is a member of the SPOOM Collective, a group of artists who frequently collaborate on large scale murals. A great deal of her current work is created with spray paint, though in her smaller pieces she prefers to use acrylics or watercolours.

Friz’s paintings have been included in group exhibitions in Belfast, Dublin and Sligo. Her painting ‘Queen Medb’ was commissioned for exhibition in the Ulster Museum as part of ‘Tags not Labels’ which ran in conjunction with the V&A ‘Street Art’ exhibition, including artwork by Banksy, D*Face, Jamie Hewlett and others.

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