W8 Centre, garden design by Leonie Cornelius

Leonie’s design for W8 village is based around the stunning landscape surrounding the development. Set in wild Leitrim, the design aims to bring the landscape back into the development, creating a strong link to the locale and the native landscape. The exciting perennial scheme, featuring many grasses and wildflowers becomes the heart of the design and is seasonally versatile, encouraging wildlife and surrounding the accommodation, shops and restaurants with a lush wild green landscape.

As an Interior Architect and Garden Designer, Leonie draws inspiration both from the natural prairie planting styles of her local landscape as well as clear architectural lines and symmetries resulting in an exciting synthesis of old and new. Nature and Architecture working in perfect harmony.  Her design philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that purity of beauty and harmony teamed with an ethical and sustainable approach are the highest achievement both within architecture and garden design.

W8 Centre, garden design by Leonie Cornelius, W8 Village holiday accommodation, Osta restaurant, culture and innovation - Manorhamilton, Ireland.

Leonie is a Garden Designer and Interior Architect based in Leitrim.  Her company Blume house specialises in extraordinary customised Garden and Interior designs for companies and brands as well as private clients. One of Ireland’s leading garden designers, Leonie has worked on the RTE today show as the regular garden design expert and is a Judge on the popular RTE Super Garden show.

Her Show Gardens for Dubarry of Ireland, the Leitrim Development Company and Super Garden have won many medals including two Gold medals, A best in category and Silver-Gilt.

Leonie’s company Blume is a design brand that intends to bring the highest quality of design both inside and out and strives to create extraordinary design for every client.

For more go to www.leoniecornelius.com